The Light House Church

Portland | UK


The Light House Church


The Light House Church meets at

 The St John Ambulance Hall,

Easton Lane, Easton, Portland DT5 1BP


We are an independent evangelical church.
  This simply means that we do not belong to any

denomination or organisation and that we believe

the gospel message as taught in the bible.

  We see ourselves as a community church.

That is, we see our role as being part of the community for the glory of God on Portland.


As a charismatic church, we believe that God still heals today.

So if your are sick or we would love to pray for you.


EVERY SUNDAY from 10am starting with refreshments.




The Light House Church's pursuit is to create a vibrant family of hope-filled believers who deeply experience the love and presence of God and partner with Jesus to express the joy, power and authority of His kingdom in every area of life.



(Our personal worship is greatly influenced by Bethel Worship, Hillsongs and Gateway Worship)


We have a passion for people, to see them saved, healed and set free. We have a heart for our community and believe in true family values.


We Believe in and move in all the gifts of The Holy Spirit


Our desire is to love God, our church family and our community


 Church is not about us exhibiting God, it's about experiencing God.

We're not just trying to put on a good show, we are trying to create an atmosphere so everyone can have an opportunity to have an encounter with God, whether you believe or not.

We want to create an atmosphere of Gods presence.



Experiencing the Love, Authority and Power of Jesus Christ

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The Light House Church

Portland | UK